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    An Interior design company based in durban , kzn

    Your interior Design Specialist

    Longevity and quality are the yin and yang of decor for established Durban interior design specialist Dhershan Naidoo. With years of experience on commercial and residential turn-key projects, Naidoo’s inherent ability to offer this duality, within any design paradigm, is what keeps his business relevant.

    Dhershan Naidoo

    With more than 8 years of experience in interior design, Let Dhershan Naidoo guide your next project with his expert advice.

    In a survey of the design landscape he says the desire for well-constructed interiors has been driven by shifting forces over time.

    While consumers once hankered after flamboyant spaces worthy of a 90s magazine spread, the pendulum swung to the extreme as the economy dipped and DIY emerged with prowess. Although it was wonderful to see individualism unleashed – it led to trendy purchases with poor wear-and-tear, which quickly became an eyesore. Advice to simply ‘spruce us spaces’ with soft furnishing and paint, created the home graveyard of scatter cushions and visible layer upon layer caked onto walls

    "The desire for well-constructed interiors has been driven by shifting forces of time."

    - Dhershan Naidoo

    Now, in the era of COVID 19, consumers are spending more time at home and making more considered choices. Face to face with their mortality, they are keen to create sanctuaries for themselves. Naidoo says the current resurgence in interior design is grounded in form, functionality and a deep-seated desire for forever.

    Granted our clients on estates, those in retail, restaurants or medical suites all have different tastes, but a seasoned interior designer is flexible enough to play with styles and colour schemes. True professionalism comes with acquired knowledge and contacts: access across a wide spectrum, so you may have the space you desire, custom-made for you in high-quality finishes, that will last.

    The key to modern spaces is grasping that timeless doesn’t have to mean trendless, but has to withstand daily living.


    I believe in creating spaces people love, but also spaces they can live in. Durable enough for family, clients or pets – and to service, as homes do today, multiple functions. Perhaps you gym and study in the TV room or cook and do homework with the kids in the kitchen. Our homes can be versatile and stylish.

    What we Do


    interior design durban

    Create a presence in your interior spaces that consider space, lighting, acoustics, floors, walls, ceilings, and interior layouts.

    With an inherent ability to bring design elements together,  we focus on both function and aesthetics.

    curtains durban

    Never underestimate the effect that beautiful, custom-made curtains can have on the ambience and setting of a space.

    Choose from a vast range of fabrics from leading suppliers in South Africa, 


    Wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular choice for South African homeowners in search of a trendy way to update their homes’ décor.

    An extensive range of wallpapers  from some of the top suppliers in the industry provide the platform to take your home’s interior to the next level.

    "The details are not the details."

    " They make the design."

    Naidoo adds, while international movements may be tinged with nostalgia, design emerging in South Africa and Africa at large is fresh and exciting. We hold in our humble hands the skills to create beautiful forms for daily objects. A sofa can be functional and still aesthetically pleasing.

    Nowhere is this more evident right now than in kitchens and bathrooms. We do it all and we know, taps can be sexy and stove tops can seriously make your heart skip a beat.

    As an interior designer, global perspective is imperative, as is agility. Though, ultimately, the customer’s voice must sing in their space.

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    Here are some of our loyal clients.

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    Ready to start a project but want to know our process? We have a simple 3 step process.

    Knowledge is yet another cornerstone.

    Beautiful sheer drapes in a sun-drenched room without protection will fade before you even become fond of them. Inviting an interior designer into your space, doesn’t mean giving up your autonomy, but rather, tapping into their wealth of information and the best suppliers around.

    When allowed to work alongside architect and owner, a symphony is possible.

    Fundamentals, such as plumbing and electricity are firmly in the background while seamless, sophisticated interiors flow into each other.

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    Take a look at our recent projects by Dhershan Inerior  Design, or view our complete portfolio of work..

    Our services are rendered on two levels. You may begin with a consult and three dimensional render of our designs. Thereafter, allow us to project manage your space for you, start to finish, with your contractors or those vetted by us.

    As a quintessentially Durban interior design house with a national footprint, we bring a great deal of respect and humility to the table and aim to meet each customer at where they set the bar.

    Do contact us for a consultation. An expert eye over your project, may be all you need to create the space you’ve been longing for.